Saturday, June 23, 2007

An Open Letter to the Creepy Guy Sitting at the Corner

Okay dude,

You don’t have to defend. I saw you checking me out for two months. Every time I was there, when I looked at you, you immediately looked away. When I talked to somebody, then suddenly looked back at you, I saw you’re looking at me! EVERY SINGLE TIME! Yeah, you’re busted man! What’s wrong with you? Everybody talks to me in the room. Why are you always the first to leave once our meetings’re done? Why do you never say hello? I even “hi”-ed you one time but you answered me in the *coldest* way a man can treat a woman. If you hate me you don’t have to look at me! What’re you trying to do?!

You saw me smile at everybody. Am I that hard to greet? I won’t go as far as saying you’re cute but I bet you can be interesting to know too at some point. Can’t you just act not that much like a creep? A week ago I finally asked how you were doing and you told me a little bit about yourself while you had a minute pause between every sentence, and worse, 5 second pause between every word. What was that dude? Why’re you following me from the meeting room to the pantry and asking me if I wanted some water and cakes? Who cares about water and cakes? That’s after two friggin months of being in the same room when you asked me if I wanted some water and cakes?! Okay fine. And then you asked me to show you some of my writing, I emailed it to you then you never wrote me back? Something’s wrong with you honey.

What am I supposed to do? Stalk you?

The Normal Girl in the Same Room