Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chatting with myself

Ever heard of the saying that it’s important for one to look into one’s self? So last night, when I felt very lonely but had nobody to talk to on ichat, I decided to chat with myself. I downloaded Adium, tried to register for the screen name “downtownchick” and got the whole conversation with my inner child going on. Someone already took my “downtownchick”, probably some chick also living in a downtown. I tried “dtc” too, no luck, must be that “dying to chat” dude. So finally I settled with “dtc90013”, my zip code in downtown L.A. Cool, no other dtc’s has a 90013 except me… I’m the queen chick of 90013…

[none_of_your_damn_biz] Hey me. How’re you doing tonight dear?
[dtw90013] Aw, okay, just got this Adium working.

[none_of_your_damn_biz] Oh yeah? What’d you use to chat before?
[dtw90013] I used ichat. But tonight I’m doing an experiment so I need 2 chat clients to test something.
[none_of_your_damn_biz] Oh yeah? What’re you doing?
[dtw90013] Well I scared the shit out of myself. A while ago, I dated a guy. He told me he didn’t chat online. I didn’t believe him, so I added him and saw if he went online. He never did. So I forgot about it. Tonight, I suddenly saw he was online 10 days ago. We already stopped talking. So I wondered if he saw me on his list then blocked me and started freaking out. Damn if he really did, I’d feel like a complete psycho… which I’m sure you know I’m not. But then I was wondering if ichat’s different from other clients like MSN that maybe the other person couldn’t see who added them? So I downloaded Adium, opened a new account and started chatting with myself tonight… I was right, I didn’t see myself on Adium when I added myself on ichat indeed…
[none_of_your_damn_biz] LOL… This’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard… You’re crazy man… Why’re all girls so nuts? You know now, if you don’t send me a message, I in a million years won’t know I’m on your list on ichat… So, sweetie, he didn’t see you, don’t be paranoid.
[dtw90013] No, thank God, he didn’t see me. Poof.


Anonymous said...

well now…it always pays to visit the downtown chick cos I didn’t know the zip there and as luck would have it I was considering a move there so now I know the zippy code…cool words dtc…stay up peace love madness n dark chocolates mmm oxo

. said...

Um, may I just take the dark chocolates and leave the peace love madness mmmmm…? What’re peace love madness anyway? Are they like, aw, as opposed to dark chocolates, milk or white?

Anonymous said...

mmm…dark chocolates …are delicious and represent the sweet bitterness we must all endure. ;) And during this we enjoy the melancholic moments tucked between the peace n love n madness…it’s life wondrful mmmm it’s like blueberry dark chocolates bitter n sweet. ;)

. said...

I think it’s not that sweet at all. It stinks!