Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Catch me if you can

Somebody is trying to find out who I am. The stats’s climbing.

It started this Sunday. Somebody reported me with some stupid excuse just to force me to come out from the bushes. A chain of very fishy conversation with the domain registrar asking about my identity was initiated, threatening to close this domain down. I was confused. I was dumb enough to believe it and complied. Luckily, an hour later, my bud raised the question of that was my host or a person faking my host. I immediately kicked around and backed it up. Problem solved. No one caught me so far. Poof. Almost! Gotta be more careful. The guard’s trying to take me back to the asylum… I’m not going back there… Those wackos’re gonna make me exercise, eat healthy and think in my right mind so I can’t talk crazy anymore…

Who’s trying get Downtown Chick? Is that another downtown chick? Maybe a downtown dude? Hm… Know what? He’ll never be able to track me down.

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