Thursday, September 27, 2007

I have no pride

If somebody put a tape recorder in my psycho-therapy room, here’s what it’ll hear:

Downtown Chick: Shrink, I have a question.
Shrink: What’s your question Downtown Chick?
Downtown Chick: Why does my love marry a virgin instead of me? I thought he liked making love to me.
Shrink: I don’t know him, so I really don’t know why he marries a virgin. Maybe he likes someone more submissive?
Downtown Chick: I’m submissive! What’re you talking about? I let him go all the way in my butt! That was so big! You know how big it was for a size 4 girl’s butt?! I’ll never forget that for the rest of my life!
Shrink: But you also have your own opinions about everything else from homelessness in Downtown to advocating democrazy in Burma, don’t you?
Downtown Chick: Well, no, not really, I was the cuddliest little kitten. I did everything he wanted. I was there only when he wanted to see me and shut myself off when he didn’t call me. I even told him I would hook him up with my girlfriends and have sex with other men to entertain him when we’re talking dirty about other people in bed. He was God. Come on, who goes that far for a man except me?
Shrink: But you’re still not submissive.
Downtown Chick: I AM SUBMISSIVE!
Shrink: Did you hear yourself?

Okay, time to go to bed, alone, again.


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Anonymous said...

You know my theory, of course….and I stick by it….

. said...

Bob, is it possible that you respect my anonymity here and do not use ANY OTHER character name except the name used here? Thanks. I’m traveling up north and down south like crazy these days. I don’t edit my comments immediately.

Anonymous said...

??? Not sure I understand…but I’ll stick to the character name provided….

Hope that’s ok….

Anonymous said...

See my comment under “Who’s DC”