Thursday, October 11, 2007

2001 Chateau Grand Bert Bordeaux Saint Emilion Grand Cru

Picture is 2000. We had the 2001. Let me put it this way, this wine is as good as almost got me in trouble.

All girls know there's a known list we share that consists of items you can't joke around about a guy including height, hair, "size"... But I never knew family's wine!

That night, dinner companion and I decided to stay home, just drink some wine and eat cheese cuz we're not that hungry. The first smell and sip I had from this guy already made me close my eyes, smile, fall like a soft blanket on the couch and say, "Hm... I think I like this one better than your family's wine..." (I was saying that because they are on the same price range.)

Holy loly! I warn anybody that have friends, NEVER, EVER hurt your friend's feeling with a better bottle. It doesn't help the friendship at all...

So dinner companion was looking all shocked when he heard me saying that. He tasted Chateau Grand Bert, and did not say anything, and tasted it again, and did not say anything again... I was already rolling my eyes not knowing what to do. Then, my small but serious winery descendant friend walked to the cellar and said, "let's open a bottle of the same year and compare"!

What?! That was only a random Saturday night, do we really want to spend $80 on wine in Tshirts and sweatpants with no food? Did we get rich?

But when a man has made a decision, you can see it on his face. I knew he's not gonna end the night without making a point... So we put the four glasses on the coffee table, and tasted them the same time. Each had been aired for at least another half hour when he kept telling me about harvesting, flavor and stuff like that, like I knew what he was talking about at all. And then finally, the truth came out. Chateau Grand Bert still won... It had strong, nice aroma, a medium to full body, a long finish, was smooth, rich, complicated, not too dry and just right about everything... I loved it so much... It's just perfect for me. Not that pricey (in the late 20s before shipping), very nice, very easy to drink. It's just perfect for a non-connoisseur.


Anonymous said...

I'm a real sucker for a Bordeaux...almost any year...any vintner.

Anonymous said...

PS...and almost any quality too!!