Thursday, October 18, 2007

I saw his hand today

My dear, I saw your right hand today, argh, so close, it floored me. I felt warm, even just to see your beautiful hand. The same hand that used to caress my pussy. The same hand that opened my butt when you climbed back to my face and told me in intense thrill, "wow... shaved! It's sooo beautiful...; it's sooo clean..." Yes, dear... all for you.

I told my shrink that I wanted to move away from Downtown because every dang day I came home, I saw your dang window. It's bright. It's always bright. You're always home. You never go out. I have three jobs. I have a normal job; a less normal job; and a less less normal job. I'm home from work early evening, or mid-evening, or at night, or after midnight, from different gigs. And you're always home. I'm not convinced that you're getting married or even having a normal life. Sorry my love, seriously, your presence disturbs me. I know you're lying to me and to yourself.

So today, I got off early from work. Thank God, the database I wrote totally rocked like no tomorrow! So I called it a day for my boss and started going home and crying over you in the car. I needed to stop and take a break. Then I saw your window again. It's dark. Looked like finally there's nobody home, maybe finally you got a life? But then you suddenly came and close the curtain!

I don't know if you knew I was looking at your window. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't, cuz my car window was perfectly tinted; seriously, I kind of gave up on your feelings, because they just didn't feel like making any sense at all. I admit I'm crazy, but I think you're even crazier. I don't know why I am in love with the 0.00000000000000000001% of men in Los Angeles, or even in the world that choose to stay in the dark, or in the Ikea-modern-style-round-ceiling-light-bright, or of complete insanity to be with someone who does not love you and will never do, or to not love me. Anyway, I don't even know how many men there are in Los Angeles, so I just randomly added some zeroes to this article trying to be dark-humorous, but you know it's basically reduced to only you, because you're nuts.

I pushed my sharp knife into you
Then I turned it
You opened your eyes wide
Are you asking me "why do you do this?"

Well, I don't know
And yeah, I don't want to see you
I have no mercy for you
I don't care if you live or die

You are crazy
You just want to "get me"
You are manipulative
You are controlling

You're the kind of men I will just fuck and never marry
Because you are scary
You try to love me when I'm getting married
You try to get close when I'm in love with someone

Yeah, this's what I did to you in my previous life
So all is coming back to me now


Anonymous said...

Does your “grass-eater” know where you live…???

. said...

No he doesn’t… We did not talk…

Anonymous said...

soooo…you “espy” upon him….unbeknownst to him…interesting.

He still owns your heart…..

Anonymous said...

…and your “soul” as well….

Anonymous said...

ahahahha…luv it! Wish I had a shrink lol, three jobs woman you must be part rasta! Congrats on the database the queen of 1’s and 0’s!

you can still see thru tinted windows, may I suggest a Groucho Marx hat mustache and glasses.

It’s sooo beautiful…;) mmmm the jury is still out…

luv your dark humorous

Anonymous said...

luv it! wish i could afford a shrink lol…thrree jobs! woman you must be part rasta’.

You know you can see through tinted glass…may I suggest a Groucho Marx hat, mustache and glasses…it works and he’ll never recognise you if should get spotted.

“it’s beautiful”…the jury is still out.
thanks for the laughs Downtown chick…you are certainly amusing and probably funnier in person.

here’s to previous lives “clink” cheers