Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Landlord issue

I think my letter to my landlord is worth an entry. I am going to remember this... I hate people messing with psycho bitches. They should just mess with the crazy guys, no?

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Incomplete Phone Jack Installation & [truncated] Issues / #XXXX

This letter serves as a written complaint about the subject issues.

Issue #1: Incomplete phone jack installation

As of today, I have moved into my new apartment in [where I live] for over a month since [when I moved]. I still do not have a WORKING phone jack installed in my unit. After several attempts to request for installing a phone jack in my unit from [the bully] for over a week at his cell phone number [bully's cell], who self-claimed as the "General Manager" of [where I live], your property management crew installed a phone jack and a cable in my unit last Friday (Sept 28, 2007). However, the phone jack installed was not even wired to anything at all (see picture enclosed). The jack and the cable are simply hanging on the wall without being connected to each other. Therefore, it is definitely NOT a working one per se.

I have called [the bully] immediately after they installed the phone jack but he refused to complete the wiring and got me off the phone.

According to the civil code enclosed, [where I live] is responsible to provide me a WORKING phone jack AND complete all the wiring from 1) my unit to 2) the hall closet where all the tap points are and 3) the main phone box. Please take a look at the law enclosed. Your building is not up to the law's standard.

My telephone company has activated my phone service since [when I moved]. The incompletion of wiring to my unit from your building's hall closet on [my floor] and the main telephone box located on the 2nd floor is the only reason why I am not receiving any phone service. It is the law that [where I live] must meet the most recent National Electrical Code's inside telephone wiring standards in order for me to activate a telephone line. Your non-performance did not only result in expenses on Kinko's and Internet cafes incurred for me to complete my writing works but also my emotional stress over interruption of Internet communications for both work and personal uses.

I am going to place a service call with AT&T to get the job done in a week or two which will cost me about $125. I demand a prompt response from you to discuss how you are going to reimburse me for it. If you fail to offer a comparable compensation for that matter, I will provide a copy of this letter, the picture, as well as any other necessary information to the Los Angeles Consumer Affairs to file a complaint. As a licensee of CA RE Salesperson, I also will not hesitate to provide a courtesy copy to potential buyers that may be of interest to purchase your building when it is in the market as well just to bring some attention on such wiring inadequacy if I come across any of them.

Remarks: To comply with session # 9 of our lease agreement established on [when I rented], I am providing you the notice that the telecommunication provider that will complete the wiring work in place of you in my unit is AT&T, Tel. (877) 722-3755, Add. SAC , CA 95887-0001 for your record.

Issue #2: [truncated]

Thank you for your help. I look forward to your prompt reply.

Yours truly,
The Jacktard [where I live] #XXXX

This letter is sent to addressee by certified mail. A copy of the content of this letter with the phone jack's jpg file for clearer view on a computer is sent to the email address xxxxx@xxxxxxx.com.

California Civil Code Section 1941.4
Telephone Jacks & Wiring 1941.4.
The leaser of a building intended for the residential occupation of human beings shall be responsible for installing at least one usable telephone jack and for placing and maintaining the inside telephone wiring in good working order, shall ensure that the inside telephone wiring meets the applicable standards of the most recent National Electrical Code as adopted by the Electronic Industry Association, and shall make any required repairs. The lessor shall not restrict or interfere with access by the telephone utility to its telephone network facilities up to the demarcation point separating the inside wiring. "Inside telephone wiring" for purposes of this section, means that portion of the telephone wire that connects the telephone equipment at the customer's premises to the telephone network at a demarcation point determined by the telephone corporation in accordance with orders of the Public Utilities Commission.

Oh and by the way, the next day after I sent this out, the first thing in the morning, that bully called me up and said he's gonna pay that $125 for me. Ha!

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