Monday, December 24, 2007

1997 Marquis de Grinon Rioja

Give Downtown Chick a decent laptop and some food then she's a happy crazy chick. Tonight's dinner: cooked about right hash brown (in the shallow black pan), mushroom with red wine sauce (are you crazy? Of course only Carlo Rossi, in the deep stainless steel sause pan I got from Hawaii Supermarket in San Gabriel), New York steak, bread, several kinds of cheese and candle light... The main course, is virtually this 1997 Marquis de Grinon... It's a rioja. Never had rioja.

It's sour! Still acidic although dinner companion had opened it for 5 hours before we drank it. Short finish. Didn't like it... But after a hectic session on the laptop, when you turn your head and see a table like this, it still makes you feel so much better...

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