Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bordello (1st and Vignes, Art District)

[Photo credit to Nano M. on] It's a beautiful bar in the Art District. By beautiful I mean it's tasteful but not grand/fancy/middle-class. It's furnished and decorated in the classic/feminine style. I just feel the feminine energy the moment I stepped into it for some reason. It's strange. I believe many people like the temptress-dressed bartenders although I can probably live without it. The curtained small areas in front of the bar are sweet. Drinks in hand, you can find a cornor and share with somebody after a long stressful day on the comfortable cool leather couch. And if you're up, maybe even a walk on the bridge just right around the cornor afterwards? I kinda like that area of downtown. It's not as crowded and "hip" but more underground.

There's dress code. My friend was wearing a cap and he had to take it off. They're strict about that.

Their $7 house red cab tastes like dishwater. Do not order house there. It's just ridiculous.

In terms of meeting people, I will never really go there just to hang out with people I don't know though. Let me put it this way - It's older than a meat market. It's the kind of place you will tell a guy under his tacky aviator shades "Honey I need you to do one thing for me. Stop talking to me cuz that fake blonde sitting over there that you've just hit on looks like a complete moron and I'd like to keep my record clean." I'm sorry if I'm a bitch but I'd rather be a bitch than one of those desperate generic women in their 30s or 40s that will let any of the guys there touch them all over after two drinks. Sorry, but it's really like that there. It's pretty pathetic for grown-ups. If you're that kind of guy that doesn't care about having your taste and hair intact, congratulations, you can get laid there any time.


Anonymous said...

“you can get laid there any time.”

You have a way with words…”

. said...

Yeah, and hallucination.