Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cafe Pinot (Hope and 5th)

[Photo from Here Comes The Guide] This glass box cross the library tower is charming. Classy interior, surprisingly good energy without the suspected snottiness. Excellent helpful wait staff. I had a good night there.

Try all means to have the lobster there. It's GOOD! Hands down. Why do we spend our money on clam and oyster in Water Grill? Might as well go for lobster like this. It was MP-ed on the menu and we had it for $45 I believe if memory works.

Another fun thing to do there is the cheese plate. I used to think cheese plate of a dinner is really like a "closure" of an ended relationship. If there's much enough there to need a serious breakup, you do the cheese plate, then get the check. If there's not enough, it's just gonna be maybe cheesecake or coffee or even nothing, like the phone calls just stop and nobody makes a sound. Cuz think about it, why do we really eat a cheese plate? It's quite filling and it takes longer time than desserts. It's almost like another entree after a good one. You really gotta like the night much enough to commit your ass to a cheese plate knowing there's enough vibe to share with that person. I've only done a couple cheese plates in my life so I'm still girly about it.

It's a dressy place but we both wore just nice jeans and it was accepted. I however fail to walk in there again. The last hour of my 30th's birthday was spent there with Grass-eater. He said the couple nights before then he was thinking I would wear a very very short skirt for our date. He said he didn't feel good about something in his family. He said many many things, and sweated a bit... At that time I didn't know why he was always stressed. Now I know. I feel a thousand needles on my heart.


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…and still the “needles”…

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