Saturday, November 3, 2007

Charlie O's Cocktail Lounge (Spring and 5th)

Okay Blackbird of Lost Souls plays there so I wanted to check it out. But I went on a wrong day. Cheesy top 40; empty dance floor; a few customers on the stools looking like they had just gotten lost in nowhere; advertised its "Neighborhood Night" on My Open Bar L.A. while the bartender said she knew nothing about it... Not helpful. Not friendly at all. What the hell? A dive's value is its personal touch, not LACK of personal touch... I think they need to headhunt somebody from maybe 107, Short Stop or Ye Rustic Inn to learn what a decent dive's supposed to be like...

What a waste of the original Alexandria's historic interior, especially after reading so many stories about landlord cutting toilet water and throwing residents out to the street on L.A. Times... Was thinking it's a place to visit and get to feel the history there... Oh well...I love old buildings; the older the better; and really think they'll fly on the right hand. But Charlie O's a misfortune. Basically, with a pair of ears allergic to crappy music, I could not stand staying there for longer than 3 minutes. Yeah, Bukowski took a dump there, like I care.

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