Saturday, September 1, 2007

Eggplant and pork, on choy, hot chocolate and croissants

I actually cooked this weekend! Indeed, I had almost never cooked in the past 14 years as I can recall. But I managed to remember how Mom taught me to cook everything with her universal paste: corn starch, salt, sugar, soy sause and put some minced pork, eggplant together and fried some on choy. This's pretty incredible I have to brag about.

Dinner companion and I went to watch La Vie en Rose after I finished cooking. Aw, that's heavy. I could not speak. For a personal reason. I did not know who Edith Piaf was. Grass-eater sent me a CD of her songs after he told me about her. I wish that did not happen. Dinner companion asked me what I thought about the movie. I really could not speak a word. He looked into my eyes and asked me what happened. I was scared. I was haunted. I told him about the "shit" I had been carrying on my back all these years. He told me it's okay. Everybody made mistakes. We had my Hong Kong dinner at almost ten o'clock after that movie of two hours.

Hot chocolate and croissants for breakfast. I was a little girl. I had cooking chocolate added to my croissant. I didn't even know cooking chocolate is different from the usual. I'm impressed dinner companion could tell me about this pack he bought it from Spain of 80% cacao. 80% cacao?


Anonymous said...

You’re “on the mend” it seems!!!

I HOPE so….

Best to you….keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Bless you! Please continue smiling …You will be the happiest woman in the world.