Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kouraku (San Pedro and 2nd, Little Tokyo)

Their ramen is definitely not bad. It's not as good as in Daikokuya but it's pretty good, especially the spicy ones. The ingredients taste fresh and the soup base is quite tasty. But the must-order is definitely the omlette rice. Gravy over the omlette and melt into the rice once you open it. Woo... I'm not even a big fan of rice but still eat a lot of it there.

There're also not as many drunk red-faced Asian guys as in Daikokuya and or creepy rice molesters with some really dumb looking Asian girls as in Suehiro as well. It's more down to earth, marginal hole in the wall kind of place for some harmless mellow Japanese food.

I like the atmosphere and the kitchen where you can see every single detail of it. Sometimes it's relaxing to see the chef frying with that big wok like he's dancing in front of me or something after a long day.

It's the kind of place I never make a special trip to go but maybe every half year or so, I kind of pass it and crave for that familiar touch.

Do you see the traffic light across the street in front of the pole saying "Japanese Village"? Grass-eater and I kissed there, again and again, last time when it's as chilly at night. He, and I, like there're no others. With his hands on my waist, I could not care anymore. We made love after we ate in Kouraku. He put a black towel in his bed, asked me to open my legs, and gently pulled the tampon out.

Seriously, I feel very peaceful to be home alone in bed by the Kitties. I hope soon I will finish serving my time and can leave this world.

I am stunned. I should take my medicine.


Anonymous said...

excellent choice…ate there fri nite…hot miso soup and chicken fried rice hit all the right spots mmmm… a nice book end to the evening following Olvera Street Dia de los Muretos. loved it Mexico one minute Japan the next…Couldn’t find any dumb asian girls though lol keep molesting us with your dark humourous stories dtchick! I’ll try the ramen n meds next time, thanks for the recommendation. - a downtown citizen

Anonymous said...

"creepy rice molesters with some really dumb looking Asian girls as in Suehiro..."downtown chick

Thanks for that slam on Suehiro.

I'm so sick of that place, actually I'm sick of the people who "discovered" like they are making food disguised as gold oh also thanks for the tampon visual...


. said...

Oh God, the tampon...