Monday, November 26, 2007

Shish Kabob (Main and 3rd)

This's one of my favorite dirty little places in Downtown. It's cute.

It doesn't have AC or TV, but it's gotten a big window, so grab the table next to the window if it's hot. There're usually nobody in it. Everybody buys take out or orders delivery there. There're around 2-3 small tables with plastic table cloth in it now and each sits 2-3 people. It's a one man band. He delivers by his bike if you're local. Isn't it wonderful? He's a VERY VERY nice old man who always laughs and jokes around.

When I have a bad day like today, I like going to places like that alone after work and immediately feeling better from something so simple and sweet: kind man on the block and yum yum in the box. I guess it's a little like stressed beaten up men going to strip clubs. Only my remedy is much cheaper and Persian.

You can ask to change the rice in the plates to salad if you don't eat rice that much. His falafel's great. Love those fried balls. So tasty. I can eat there everyday.


Unknown said...

you wanna ask me to eat together?:D

A B said...

I've seen the place you're talking about. Shekarchi on Hill and 9th is excellent for persian food. They have an inexpensive lunch menu. You gotta check it out.

. said...

As a matter of fact that you're in Indonesia, you wanna send me some of your naked pic dianna?

Gotcha A B! Cool!