Monday, November 26, 2007

St Vincent De Paul Thrift Store (N Avenue 21 and Humboldt)

[Photo by Kit S. on Yelp ] Its thrift store is not cheap but it does have a wide selection of things. It has a lot of interesting old furniture, lots and lots of chairs, mattresses, cabinets, desks, closets, etc. I mean, A LOT. It's big! I had an eye on a vintage wall unit and it could go for $1600 although it still needed some minor work here and there. So you can imagine it's gotten some good stuff. There're old DVD players, speakers, lots of AV equipments supposed to be expensive if new for sale too. They even had used cars for sale there in the past I believe cuz one of the guys I knew bought a Mercedez there but I'm not sure if they're still doing it now. The clothing selection is also giant. Other household items like picture frames, paintings, mirrors, dolls, everything are overwhelming. I can only glance cuz there're too many of them. I'm not really too proficient in thrift store gold rush activity but if you're good in it, this can be a very good place for you to kill a couple hours.

The hygenic condition of this place is satisfactory. No nasty weird smell of any sort and items're overall touchable. I just find their prices are marked a bit higher than maybe the general Goodwill or Salvation Army? But still, it's for good cause so we can live without that little bit more I'm sure.

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