Monday, December 24, 2007

I dreamt of the organic in OC

Okay, I confess, I don't like fancy brand-new-everything Ralph's as much as Whole Foods. After this whole commercial brand dog food terror, I'm just so horrified by bad food for both dogs and humans. Whole Foods has also gotten a lot fewer creepy mid-aged self-employed entrepreneur whatever type of artsy guys walking around and bigger cheese collection...
Tried this walnut wolfgang organic wheat bread. It's okay, but a little too flavored and soft. I'm still not over the idea of finding the original Poilane bread near DT in 10 miles radius. I'm obsessed with Grass-eater and bread. Somebody told me she saw Poilane bread in Whole Foods. We past by the one in Tustin on the way home but didn't find it.

Take your dog to work

Do you have a computer job like Geeky Downtown Chick does? If you do, you're more likely to be able to take your dog to work.

My building said they were gonna install a new door in my unit. Two fake alarms already. I even took lil bitach with me to work for a day but am still not getting a new door. Very pissed.

She sat under my desk at work.

1997 Marquis de Grinon Rioja

Give Downtown Chick a decent laptop and some food then she's a happy crazy chick. Tonight's dinner: cooked about right hash brown (in the shallow black pan), mushroom with red wine sauce (are you crazy? Of course only Carlo Rossi, in the deep stainless steel sause pan I got from Hawaii Supermarket in San Gabriel), New York steak, bread, several kinds of cheese and candle light... The main course, is virtually this 1997 Marquis de Grinon... It's a rioja. Never had rioja.

It's sour! Still acidic although dinner companion had opened it for 5 hours before we drank it. Short finish. Didn't like it... But after a hectic session on the laptop, when you turn your head and see a table like this, it still makes you feel so much better...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2002 Santa Ema D. O. Cachapoal Valley Catalino

75% Cabernet Souvignon, 18% Carmenere, 7% Cabernet Franc

Good wine from Chili!!! Nice aroma; rich grape, spice, cherry flavors; perfect with beef; decent finish. Loved it! Still like Grand Bert better but for a less dry fruity experience Santa Ema is perfect! I always hear of fruity Chilian wine and never had one good until Santa Ema.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hard to be a chick, even harder to be a Downtown Chick

Holy loly! What a day!

Lil bitch has been sick. She has inflammatory bowel disease, is underweight and anemic. She throws up everything she eats. I've done everything to just try to make her eat and keep her alive these days. She's eating human grade rabbit and organic salad. I'm eating Yoplait and $0.99 baby carrots. Her acupuncture costs $65 a session in Pasadena. I don't even want to shell out $22 to cut my hair in some FOB place in San Gabriel Valley. Every night I get off from my 2 jobs I work like a maid rubbing rugs, vacuuming, washing here and there, making her food, washing dishes, washing her, cuddling with her to make sure she gets everything she needs. Finally, after 3 weeks, she gained 1.15 lb.

Then 2 days ago, when I got home around 7PM, I found her crying and limping. She broke her leg! I didn't know how that happened. I went to my building's security to ask if the maintenance guys came in to do the electric work while I was out. They still owed me a power outlet and a new door. I had told them they must give me a 24 hours notice in advance to come in or it's illegal. Yesterday they said no one came. Okay, little biatch hurt herself je ne sais quoi.

I don't know the nearby doggie ER here so I thought worst comes to worst we'll go back to the hospital in South Pasadena in where we lived before. She was trembling very very badly whenever I had to move her or when the security guys came to talk to me. She still growled and barked to try to protect me though even when she's so in pain. Poor girl. I held her to sleep and really couldn't decide if I should take her to the ER around 1:30AM. I decided to try to calm her down and let her rest a little. She was shaking for a long time before she fell asleep. It's absolutely the most tragic thing to hold a small hurt animal crying and moaning in your arm. I just burst into tears. So we got up at 5:30AM. I scooped her food in tiny little pieces and fed her with my hand because she couldn't even stand up by the bowl. Luckily she ate some rabbit meat for breakfast.

I dropped her off at the vet in Pasadena and went to work. The whole day I was chasing the leg vet on the phone to get him to talk to my dog's intestine vet because the leg vet wanted to clean her teeth and the intestine vet wanted to scope her before cleaning her teeth. What a nightmare. Has anybody had this dilemma between the continental scientific vs. the homeopathic, prednisone vs. digestive enzymes, Hill's d/z vs. Nature's Variety, the Pope vs. the Dalai Lama, an engineer guy vs. an artist guy, Ralph's vs. Whole Foods before? No, they're not opposites; you can believe in God even though you are Buddhist but if you're going to Church, believe me, your "brothers and sisters" won't let you go to the puja just like my dog's middle-class Hong Kong internist doesn't let my dog eat anything except her own prescribed food while that unbearably hot grey haired (East) Indian vet said "let the dog eat the organic raw food and mix it with a little Chinese sticky rice and cream cheese". Oh man, poor me the 21st C Downtown Chick torn between two currents! What is more ridiculous than going on a $75 professional consultation conference call with my dysfunctional Hollywood type ex and his holistic nutritionist from Orange County over our conflicting views of our joint-custody dog's diet?!

Didn't my native Hong Kong boat people mom just throw some random leftover on the table and I grew up better than well anyway?! Dude mom didn't even finish high school! I think we made our modern lives more complicated than we needed with some huge college loans I'm still paying. Crazy...!

Indian leg vet did a couple of x-rays on my dog's knee and hip and put her on pain killers and antibiotics. She's jumping around this morning again. Poof. Another easy $300. Sure, why not, I don't even want to think about how much I spent these days anymore. I had to. Little biatch was abused when she's a puppy. That crazy Hong Kong guy bred mini-schnauzers on the roof top of his plastic factory in Tsuen Wan in New Territories! I answered his classified ad on the newspaper thinking he just got a litter in his backyard or something. Nut case! He took 3 puppies from the cables and manufacturing machines for me to see when I got off the cab that night. Little biatch's sister and brother were both bigger and more active than her. She was the smallest trembling at the corner with curly pepper and salt hair. I was planning to get a guy but once I saw her, I couldn't let her go anymore. Paid USD$500. Took her home. Gave her a ridiculous boomer name. She became my dog.

P.S. Even serious culture blogs carry gossip: Does anybody notice Sarko's new girlfriend looks like a pervert Christian clown? Can't those deaf people stop comparing this kind of model singer whatever that would even fuck some ugly asses like Mick Jagger and Donald Trump with my angelic voice Keren Ann just because they both speak French and own an acoustic guitar for heaven's sake? What else do we need to know? Carla Bruni and Keren Ann are not even on the same level. People just so love meaning some dumb ass took an armchair Introduction to Art 101 on the weekend for four weeks or something by saying which celebrity studied art and architecture. That moron stole my French President boyfriend when I was busy running around for my dog dude. Okay, you know I'm so very not over it!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Japanese red bean rice cakes (dessert) for your creepy neighbor

Those good old days... with these super cute Japanese red bean rice cakes (keep in fridge) after a good binto box with tampura, sushi rolls, salad, grilled fish from the couple of little convenient stores in Japanese Village for less than $10...

I think I haven't opened my mouth and talked to anybody except for absolute necessity for over a week already. I'm a pathological loner.

Monday, December 17, 2007

How much do the rats in Downtown weigh?

See, you all know Downtown Chick as a size 4 can flick a pile of big Western guys to miles away like Jet Li in Fearless cuz Dad is a Kung Fu master. A piece of cake! But then when it comes to the nasty black guys in Pershing Square, I'm out dude...

I swear to God the first rat I saw tonight on the way to Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for La Boheme was longer than my foot and I wear size 8 shoes. He came out from the bush to the street on Fifth Street, grabbed a plastic bag with 2 legs like a squirrel and quickly went back. The second rat came late, hung out a little bit, got nothing so he went back empty legged. I of course detoured to the opposite street. Neither Kung Fu nor pepper spray helped. Any idea what to do with those bad guys?

This's one of the reasons why I don't walk my dog in Pershing Square that much. I'm afraid the rats will just eat her up. Lil biatch's only 8 lb. The rats, maybe 2 lb? Looked pretty stocky to me.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Downtown Chick's weekend project

You know we all don't have a yard in Downtown so nothing to do with Home Depot for us. But there's still a lot to do on a saturday to get yourself all in dog hair...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cute Knut: Berlin's Baby Polar Bear

REUTERS/Zoo Berlin
Oh so cute. Can't resist.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"I'm happy. I don't want to see or hear anything."

Dinner companion and I volunteered to take a senior lady from the Women's Center to watch this play about three inmates last weekend.

So I drove her from Downtown to Hollywood. We talked about the weather. She said two years ago there was snow in Compton and nobody (in Compton) knew how to scoop the snow and they had to find "those Chinese people" there to do the snow.

I was a bit shocked. I wasn't sure if I should come out I was Chinese, not Korean right there (cuz I got those Korean, Japanese guesses more often than Chinese in L.A. even from Chinese folks themselves and was pretty sure the lady thought I wasn't Chinese). I also just wondered if anybody said anything about "those black people" how it'd come out nowadays in America but okay, a little warm-up, no problem. I'm glad somebody did the snow anyway. Those Chinese people scooping that unusual winter snow in Compton, sure, why not.

So we watched this play in El Centro Theater.

So here we have 714 prisoners in every 100,000 Americans. To give some examples, in France, it's 91. In Germany, it's 96. Original article from King's College, London here. Costs the tax payers $25,000.00+ per head every year, about three times we spend on a student.

Rings a bell called The Birth of the Prison? - It's not about who's in the prison but the problems with which society where prison system belongs to can't deal.

It's sad I've never heard anybody telling me they're going to vote for Dennis Kucinich while I've read nothing better than his on the issues of racial bias on drug related crimes, mandatory minimum sentences and unaffordable healthcare from his competitors. He'll even decriminalize marijuana for Heaven's sake cuz we've gotten better things to do than spending 10 billion a year on busting podheads. Hello, where's the 420 friends in Hollywood? Can't we just get the boys back home and send them to school so everybody learns at least how to spell if somebody's just found with some crack in his hand or driving a thug while he doesn't even know?

Dennis Kucinich is a classic example of elitism so he'll never even get close. Insights doesn't sell here. Americans buy drama: commercials, commodities they do not need ranging from SUV to too much food, Oprah, stupid TV shows, the American dream of a dang house they can't keep up with its payments, cheesy affairs that wreck homes, no?

It's a political culture of ostriches. "Lock the intimidating up, put the crazy to the streets and I live in the suburb. My kids are going to USC so I can live with being in the largest prison in the world. Once in a while, I can even shed a tear watching Oprah motivating the little girls in her cult show and endorsing Obama," right?

Monday, December 10, 2007

$391.56 mortgage

See? Once again, I prove myself a genius. I suddenly thought of a way to pay the same or even less of our rent in Downtown to afford a 3-bedroom house!

Guess how much does this house cost? Lot size: 8712 ft. Built In: 1881. Bedrooms: 3. Bathrooms: 1. 1.5 story home. Living room (13.4x20), dining room (13x7), kitchen (10x11.3), office (10x10), master bedroom (13.1x13.5), bedroom 2 (11.9x13.8), bedroom 3 (14.3x13.2), 1 car garage. Newer roof and central air, vinyl siding, corner lot, fenced back yard, deck.


No, not $399,000.00. $39,900.00 still with room to bargain. Not kidding. If you pay it over 25 years, you pay $391.56 a month. I think one can't even get a room in any of the small hotels on skid row for that price. It's in Grand Island.

Where's Grand Island? No, it's not in the Philippines you idiot. Nebraska dude!

I've actually been in Grand Island numerous times. I went to the riverboat casino in Iowa, Kansas City many times, Missouri, Illinois... The only place I will beat Grand Island with in the Midwest is probably Chicago but I still should move to Grand Island because for only $391.56 a month, I get my own house. There're Walmart, Walgreens, Burger King, Johnny Cash and MidWestern guys going to church...

When the men talk, they say a lot of "Oh boy..."'s, like they're 60 years old ... like Grass-eater did... and they tell you they're going to "the boy's room" before the movie starts... I have a co-worker in his 50s who talks like that. If I had a penis, in the two weeks that co-worker and I shared a table together for a work project, it stayed erect for 8 hours a day I swear. Come on, you gotta excuse my nose for bleeding over that kind of all-American old-fashioned white boys if I get that Asian fetish crap in the city everyday too. I just fall into a coma when the guy is shy and asks, "maybe I can see you soon?"

Argh, no. Won't find another MidWestern guy like my love. Or indeed another guy.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Pussy and Pooch (Main and 6th)

Thank God Pussy and Pooch opened so I don't have to drive all the way to Hollywood for lil bitch's food and treats dude! I don't like Lofty Dog, period. Very pushy. My bitch is going to Pussy and Pooch because their Robert knows about raw diet. Their dog that greeted me, Cosmo, has been on raw meat for a year I heard.

Most dogs don't eat raw rabbit meat. It's not the most convenient thing to feed but my lil biatch is sick, no choice. I got a bag of patties from Janine, the girl I called on the phone before. She said it's $12 to take a bath there. Well not you! For a small dog! You wash them there yourself. Yeah I know how to groom her! I've been grooming her all these years! No she doesn't have the trendiest haircut in Downtown but it keeps her comfy! That's what matters I heard from mom who did the same to me too!

Lil bitch has not been eating for a day. She doesn't feel like prescribed dry Hill's d/z. She wants rabbit meat... So Toy District suitcase for me for packing up a bit for X'mas to the East coast, November's Vogue for me too although there's no way I can afford a pair of Manolo's for $890, I'm still a lucky girl. As long as lil bitch eats, I'll do anything.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

20 bucks community tix to watch La Boheme at the Music Center!

Okay DT-ers, just saw it this morning, going fast. Just got mine. Be quick. Click on picture for opera 411:

[From Yelp Talk] You have to get some culture at some point, right? Might as well be now! LA Opera will be offering $20 tickets for all seats for the December 16, 2007 final performance of La Boheme. It's the perfect opera for beginners, and the Music Center looks so pretty all dressed up for Christmas. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, December 6 at 10:00 am, and are available on a first come first served basis. Here's the press release:

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Grass-eater trauma

I'm one of those lame chicks that wear a pair of big ass Jackie O sunglasses at Ralph's. Hipster? Tacky? FOB? Words! I don't care what you think dude! You have no idea how I feel. There're times I can't face the world. I don't want anybody to see me and I don't want to look at anybody while I need a pack of hot and spicy chicken wings and a bottle of lime Jose Cuervo Citrico so badly.

When the memory attacks; when I forget where I am and wonder where Grass-eater is; when his kisses fly from my big window to my lips; when his "sweetheart"'s, "your beautiful face"'s, "I really like you" race through the early winter night breeze of Downtown to my ears; when he kisses me right in front of his security guard with his suitcases before flying out of town... I'm not alive. I'm in another dimension, the forbidden space when our passion resides. Time does not pass. He is right here, right with me, right now. He comes back. He never changes. He is still waiting for me to visit him in his loft. He has done the trash already. There is neither take-out boxes nor foam cups in the bin. He's just gottan back from the gym and taken a shower. He smiles in his dark jacket after a hair cut that he thinks a little too short by a business contact and finds me in the crowd... [Shit I hit the glass on my window, ouch! WTF!]

Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la Vie en Rose

When you kiss me heaven sighs
And though I close my eyes
I see la Vie en Rose

When you press me to your heart
I'm in a world apart,
A world where roses bloom

And when you speak,
angels sing from above
Everyday words seem to turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La Vie en Rose

I thought that love was just a word
They sang about in songs I heard
It took your kisses to reveal
That I was wrong and love is real

- What Grass-eater left me.

Has anybody read the Nobel Prize winner Eli Wiesel not introduced by Oprah? The Night Trilogy has a scene where the Jewish guy was walking with his wife in the city near a theater after he escaped from the halocaust, and he couldn't remember what things happened first and what later. They just all came up. He wrote it exactly like his consciousness was experiencing all of them the same time.

BTW, Obama and Bert Green get play on Downtown Chick's presidential poll. I'm a bit surprised with Steve Lopez. You guys don't like Steve Lopez's series on Downtown? I actually thought that was pretty good...