Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cute Knut: Berlin's Baby Polar Bear

REUTERS/Zoo Berlin
Oh so cute. Can't resist.


Browne Molyneux said...

He's pretty cute, until he eats you.


. said...

Don't tell my dog okay? Hah!

Browne Molyneux said...

I know everyone saw this, but remember that movie Grizzly Man. That actor "enviornmenalist" guy pretending to have an accent like that that Austrailian guy who also got killed by an animal.

I thought when I saw that film it was going to be a horror movie. It was a horror movie, but not horrifying in the way that I thought it would be. At the end of the movie I was actually hoping something would beat and kill that guy. If you haven't seen it, you must.

I don't know how god or the universe or karma works, but I am thinking it's got to be a little how that movie played out.

Browne playing the part of downtown chick's dog, whose pretty offended she's calling something else hairy cute, what if I went around calling other humans cute. How would you feel?

. said...

Okay Grizzly Man, will netflix...

There's a Cantonese saying to defend the wandering eyes: "it's okay for men to sniff around. They just need to know the way home..." Oh man, I can't believe I said this... I suck...