Saturday, February 9, 2008

MacArthur Park (Wilshire & Alvarado)

I like watching birds. No not laid. Real birds.

I love birds. Birds're just so beautiful and peaceful. They never talk that much. They never lie. They never lie to themselves either. And of course, they never get engaged and forget me. I took one of the boats to watch the ducks. It's $7 for half hour and $10 for an hour. I got so very close to the ducks. It's beautiful.

It's romantic; it's pasionate but it's so short. My own private MacArthur Park. Brokeback duckies.

Psycho chicks always go for the attainable huh? This another crazy Downtown woman knows. Sucks.


James Nitro said...

Have you tried Mamas Hot Tamales across the street? James Nitro, formerly A B

. said...

J.N., No..., I haven't tried Mamas Hot Tamales... I only know the tofu places in K Town around there... Good call you mentioned the Tamales...!

James Nitro said...

They have tamales from all over South America. The vendors sell the tamales all around the park. Busy during lunch.

skidrowscribe said...

great photos of the park. splendid