Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sonora Cafe (La Brea & 2nd St)

I was supposed to be content, sitting happily like a kitten after work on a laid back Friday night watching Persepolis at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Hollywood. I got there in time and realized the parking lot on its back supposed to be big enough and free was all full. There was a long line outside of the cinema like they're getting free blowjobs from Scarlett Johansson or something. So I knew there's no way I could have found another place to park and make it in time for the animated film about the Iranian revolution and emigration. I went to Sonora just to sit down cuz I'm not familiar with Hollywood.
Very much Denny's quality LINE-CAUGHT WILD SALMON and CHOPPED VEGETABLE SALAD. Try it if you want to know how mundane mixed style Western food tastes like for $70 to end the night.

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