Monday, June 23, 2008

Mandarin Noodle Deli (Last Tunas and Primrose, Temple City)

This place has gotten a shitty English name. Doesn't anybody know any Chinese places calling themselves Mandarin whatever or Thai places calling themselves Thai whatever are usually bad? That theory is widely used among foodies but with which Mandarin Noodle Deli does not conform.
Their hong you chao shou (紅油抄手) the famous Sichuan Chengdu dish was the best I had ever had even among other restaurants in Asia. Strangely, I can't find its picture. It's a special kind of dumplings in red oil with vegetables and meat that just tastes so very differently and seriously good. We also ordered the fish dumplings. The fish still tasted fresh. The beef briskets were tender and not greasy.
Only about 10 miles away from DT, the Chinese food out there is just so on another level, so much better. Makes me eat mostly yogurt and granola over here everyday. Sad.

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