Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Honda Ya Izakaya (3rd and Alameda, Little Tokyo)

American Joe's condo had a major plumbing disaster. Shit was coming out from his neighbor's toilet the moment we woke up in the morning. We had to drive to the Bristol Farms just to use a free and clean toilet and I dared not even drink water. As his home association's president, my kind, people-serving and decisive boyfriend took up the role of captain overseeing things that day and told me to go home myself first. So my buddy took me to this izakaya restaurant in the Mitsuwa plaza like we were bachelors. Grilled vegetables and raw fish salad with chuhai (shochu based cold alcoholic beverage). I had lemon, so very good. But I missed my honey. Seriously, all we need were just 2 tiny shit buckets, weren't they?


A B said...

Hi Downtown Chick! Glad to see you're still checking out all the great food. I'm so jealous! Talk to you soon.

. said...

Hey A B! Well, hungry girls gotta eat!