Friday, July 25, 2008

Where do nut cases date?

Have you thought of how the mentally ill date? I mean, do they go to special education classes together? Or maybe support groups? Playing with guns? Wrestling? Heroin? Stay at home making crazy babies? Wandering in the street? Killing people and eating their organs? Scientology? Ever thought of that?

Well, the truth is, for Joe and I, two patients with a pretty diplomatic medical records of mental disfunctioning, we actually do something really nerdy, like, watching an opera. You'd say, "what the fuck?! Are you guys divorced overweight grade school teachers?" Right? But hold on a sec, William Friedkin and Woody Allen directing an opera? Crazy! Yeah! You got it! Exactly! We gotta watch it.

Hurry up, the $20 tickets are still there.

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