Sunday, October 5, 2008

What do you do when your bitch pees a lot?

Well, why would she pee a lot? Cuz she’s sick! Yes, I do make mid-day break to come home and let her out, but since my little crazy dog is on steroid, she drinks and pees a lot. I leave home at seven every morning and then come home at about five before I go to my second job and class. Crazy bitch can’t hold that long. She has to go a few times a day. I’ve bought the “Second Nature” from PetCo before that looks like an oversized cat litter box but for dogs. Crazy bitch did not like it and never used it. About $60 wasted. So I’ve been doing some research on indoor dog toilets. Here are my options.

Regular doggy potty $150
The drawback is you have to replace the turf. It’s about $40 each. I think you do it every month or you can cut your own from Home Depot. That’s not so economic and eco friendly. I don’t know how often I want to make a trip to Home Depot for sod. Just not a Home Depot person.

Pup Head $150
I think it’s the same as the regular doggy potty except that you don’t have to replace the turf. Just wash it in bleach and water. I’m leaning towards this option because it sounds more reasonable money-wise. What do you think?

The Right Spot $150
This looks like a knock-off of Pup Head but a bit bigger. I’m not entirely a fan of knock-off if I can afford the original but The Right Spot is definitely still an option.

PuppyPark Potty $100
This one doesn’t look bad either. Also cheaper. The only thing is it looks like about 4”-or-so high for the dog to step on. I’m not sure if she can learn how to get that high to pee. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Pet-a-Potty $250
Again, this kind is high. Looks like half a feet or something. I think all these “penthouses” are the same. I don’t know if crazy bitch likes the idea. It uses either real grass or synthetic and you empty the base by pulling it out. Not particularly fond of the idea of real grass.

There’s a chance that I might have to find a roommate and move elsewhere to cut cost later so I think making an investment on a dog toilet now might be wise. Looks like somebody is getting a new toilet. I feel depressed just to think about moving.


Anonymous said...

Pussy & Pooch sells and uses Pet A Potty in their stores. You might wanna check it out. My neighbor bought it and loves it. It's synthetic grass, antimicrobial or some crap like that, supposed to cut down on the smell.

. said...

Yeah thanks Lola. I read about it. The problem with Pet-a-Potty for me is that I don't know if it's too high for my little short dog. It's a few inches high I think. The fake grass is good though. Serves the purpose and eco friendly. I ordered a Pup Head last week on the Internet already. Should be coming in the mail any time. I think it comes with the same kinda smell-killing grass... Hope so...

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