Monday, January 26, 2009

Pet lovers, come on, sign up!

I had contributed 1/4 of my annual earnings for little bitch's medical treatments last year, BEFORE TAX! Now the State even wants to take another few hundred out of the bowl of the poor while you don't pay tax for boob job, botox, lipo suction. My God! What has the world come to?! Makes me, this unemployed single woman with a sick dog, very very upset!

It will only take a minute. Here is the link:,0,6557221.story
From the Los Angeles Times
Don't tax vet bills
Sure times are tough, but should animal lovers be footing the bill to close the budget gap?
By Jennifer Fearing

December 8, 2008

Across California, municipal animal shelters and humane societies are reporting increases in pet relinquishments this year as high as 30%. Families losing their homes in the credit crisis or losing their jobs are dropping off their Fluffies and Fidos, adding moral and emotional insult to economic injury.

And Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has found a way to make matters worse. Included in his November budget proposal, but lost amid major political hot potatoes like the vehicle license fee, was a plan to add a sales tax to veterinary services as part of the solution to the state's multibillion-dollar budget shortfall. In other words, because state leaders failed in their basic responsibility to keep government functioning, pet owners may have to foot the bill, and pets themselves may pay the ultimate price.

Before anyone thinks pet owners are not a constituency to reckon with, consider this: California has the highest number of households of any state -- 7.3 million households, or 57% -- that own a pet, including an estimated 7 million dogs and nearly 9 million cats, according to the latest statistics from the American Veterinary Medical Assn. In 2006, Californians spent about $2.7 billion on veterinary services such as routine exams, vaccinations, prescription medications, surgery and emergency care.

This does not even include expenditures on veterinary services for the millions of animals that enter California animal shelters each year, the tens of millions of animals raised for food each year on California farms or the thousands of wild animals aided by local and state agencies every year. For example, the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services writes checks to area veterinarians totaling $2.4 million annually for spay/neuter and medical services. With a sales tax possibly increasing to 10.25% in Los Angeles County, the governor's tax idea would thus take nearly a quarter of a million dollars from these critical local programs that help care for abandoned animals and prevent unwanted births.

Under Schwarzenegger's proposal, these medical expenses now would be lumped into a proposed category of taxable services such as "appliance and furniture repair, vehicle repair." Does the governor really think repairing dishwashers and Dodges is the same as "repairing" dogs?

The state doesn't tax cosmetic surgeries, so why should we tax an essential medical cost for animals? We can't skimp on veterinary care without jeopardizing the health and safety of our pets and other animals in our collective care.

We all know these are difficult times and that lawmakers are under the gun to close an $11-billion gap for this fiscal year alone. And those of us who can should be prepared to pitch in. But under the governor's plan, many who are already making tough economic choices would be forced to add as much as 10.25% to the cost of veterinary care.

This new financial burden would not only result in less medical care for animals, it would almost certainly result in more dogs and cats being abandoned or relinquished to animal shelters. It is bad policy that would add to the taxpayers' burden through higher animal-control and sheltering costs, increase the cost of caring for animals raised for food and be a step backward in the otherwise progressive trajectory toward our treatment of animals.

During a previous budget crisis, Schwarzenegger was dubbed the "pet terminator" for proposing to cut state-mandated funding for animal shelters. After an outcry from animal lovers across the state, he quickly scuttled the idea, crediting one of his daughters with pointing out the error of his ways.

Let's hope the Schwarzenegger children are paying attention now. Our state's animals are counting on their wise and compassionate counsel once again.

Jennifer Fearing, based in Sacramento, is the chief economist for the Humane Society of the United States.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My BF found a new product that will allow you to avoid the knife later in life


Amazing! Big tits girls check it out!

My disdream

Do you remember how it was to put on your clothes and leave the guy's place after sex? I do. It sucks. He did not ask me to stay over.

Many times. And I would keep going back again and again and again, like I had nothing else to do. That's right. I really had nothing else to do. I was hoping he would first start seeing me during the day, doing things with me and finally telling me to stay over after sex. Then we would start going out and knowing each other's friends and families. Maybe after a few years, when he's ready, we could even get married, buy a house in the Westside and have a couple of beautiful kids. Yeah, something like that. We would have dark oak floor and some bronze chandelier on the ceiling. The kids would learn swimming in Catalina and love skiing in Tahoe in the winter. When it's their term break, we would travel to Europe or Asia. Of course, they would speak French and Chinese. I would make them to. And then I would be a somewhat successful whatever and my husband a very successful whatever. We would not get fat. No, we would not. I would still look like in my 20s when I was 49. We would eat good and healthy organic food although once in a while I would make some traditional Chinese meat dishes or whatever food he loved that tasted just heavenly in my lovely modern kitchen. Oh boy, I almost forgot! We would pair wine with the food too! Although he was kind of playing the field, since he had settled down with me, now he would not mess around or have an affair. He would have learned how to treasure me and what we had. Our sex would have slowed down a little through time but we would change to best friends of each other's and never part. We would both volunteer for the starving children or something on Christmas Eve and attend dinners with other happy married couples.

Yeah, that was my plan. Why would he change? Because I loved him so much. Makes sense right? Eventually he's going to figure it out. I know what you are gonna say but you don't know. You don't know what it is like when you are in love with somebody.

It would just take one step to start - that he was to ask me to stay over after sex. My life would be fulfilling. I would find love. Life would be beautiful.

I am glad he didn't ask me to stay over. With the awakening after putting on my clothes and going home from his place quite some time ago, my life is fulfilling. I have found love, and life is beautiful - without him, the kids, the jobs, and the fucking annoying fake friends.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How do I watch TV before I become a billionaire

Watch TV Online for Free | Full Length Television Episodes | Fancast

You have wondered what you are going to do if you become a billionaire right? Come on, everybody has. I have. Let me tell you: I will get cable TV and buy a loft in Downtown when I become a billionaire!

So, before then, this site is where I watch Colbert Report in my 200 sq. ft. "apartment" when I am not sitting in front of Joe-The-Boyfriend's fancy HD TV. Hah! There are always ways to get what you need, and they may cost nothing! Let me see: 30 Days, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live, Kitchen Nightmares, The Twilight Zone... Hm, seriously, do I really need an entertainment budget again?