Friday, March 20, 2009

Le Vin de la recesión (The Recession wine)

I haven't talked about wine for a long time, and I'm going to return to the topic: it's fucking great your boyfriend knows nothing about it. Bleh!

No, I'm serious. What's better than you can drink as much as you want without worrying taking the trash out, moving the dog's bed back to our bed and turning off everything before bed because he does not drink? Hm? What about drink outside? Well, I don't drink outside. Joe and I are weird people. We don't have friends. No, okay, I lied. I know how to spend money. But come on, this is 2009. It is not 2004. We are talking about the recession here! Nobody knows what's gonna happen next. How do you think I can still pull out that hundred dollar bill out of my old Vuitton limited edition wallet from a couple years ago again like nothing happened? So, let me have a glass at home.

Have you known young, genuine and practical people that do not pretend they know everything, are the best in the world and actually do the job just right? Yeah, it's nice to have more of them in the world, isn't it? Boire et Manger is kind of like that. It is cheap ($3 in Big Lot when on sale); it does the job; it does not pretend it is the old French wine. Although I have no idea where the place of its original production, Pays d'Oc, is, if I have tasted all those great wines ranging from the reputable grands crus from Saint-Émilion to the nice pinot noir from Paso Robles, and am still happy with Boire et Manger and a 7/11 hot dog tonight, then chances are, I am a content woman that knows what she wants.

Every time I drink or taste something, it always reminds me of the pain of having that super picky, controlling, judgmental, old-skool French winemaker *ex*-"dinner-companion" for that damn half a year with no freedom at all. Mon Dieu (My God)! Do you really think Boire et Manger is as easy and cheap as Drew Barrymore? Let me tell you, it's cheap for it's quality! It doesn't cut my throat like Trader Joe's 2-Buck-Chuck does. It doesn't jeopardize my plan to continue my education in French or to pay all my bills. It doesn't carry any appellation like I have to learn where the heck all these wine regions are, what years are good, what years are bad, what grapes they grow, if the aroma stays in my crazy nose or irritates my crazy throat. Guess what? See the little piglet there? It actually even tells me exactly what to pair with. That's right. Pork, fish, lamb, whatever. It's right on the bottle itself. Can't be simpler than that. It's light-bodied, smooth and easy-come-easy-go. It allows me to not have to force myself to succumb to the cheap Californian cabinet sauvignon on sale in Ralph's that are just worse than ketchup mixed with acetone. So it is what I want for tonight. I ran around these days. I have a lot on my plate. I am tired. I had nightmares about work and shit. All I want right now are my down-to-earth American boyfriend and an unpretentious French wine like Boire et Manger.

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