Monday, May 4, 2009

Blu LA Cafe sold rotten guacamole (6th and Los Angeles)

Once upon a time, I had only one hour to do lunch here with Joe because we had things to do that day back-to-back. So we went to this cafe next to Cole's on 6th Street. There was a kid that waited all the tables. We went in at about 12:00PM. The kid gave us a breakfast menu. We asked for the lunch menus. He gave us one lunch menu. We thought the menu looked okay and decided to get seated. I immediately ordered an iced coffee to start since I really needed caffeine. I was on my period and going through some crazy job situation. You know how a psycho woman on her period is like, right? Okay good, let's go on.

Then after 5 minutes, we were still holding just the same lunch menu we brought over ourselves. We had 2 people. I had no idea what to order. Then, the kid gave me an iced tea. I ordered coffee.

After another 5 minutes and all the hassle of asking for breakfast and lunch menus back so we knew what to order, and returned the tea for coffee, we tried to place orders. Since there was only that kid there for all the tables, we had waited for another 10 minutes before he came to take our orders. By the way, there was no creamer for the coffee. I asked again. It seems like you had to ask for every fucking thing there or they just wouldn't give it to you.

So I ordered the Blu LA huevos. I wanted some over-easy fried eggs with salsa and beans. First, the eggs were too cooked, but I said, I didn't care, I was tired and hungry. Let's just get it over with. Then, I put some patches of hard fried egg-white, yolk, some black beans, salsa and guacamole in the tortilla and started digging. Um, wait a minute, I think I tasted germs.

What was it? Germs? I thought I must have not gotten enough sleep from the previous night. So I had a sip of my iced coffee to sober up. Then I ate again. Um, I think I smelt trash. Pretty sure. So I sniffed my tortilla and realized it was the guacamole. I still was not sure if it was my hormones because Joe had been telling me I was extra crazy during my period. So I asked him to confirm for me. As a protective boyfriend, he went to try some of that stinky thing himself. Yes, holy moly, that greenish brown stuff already went bad!

What happened? You got the idea. The manager came and apologized. He said the guacamole was just "too ripe". He was a really nice Asian guy so I was easy on him. He offered to get me something else and take the huevos off our check. But their guacamole had so successfully served as an appetite suppressant that I was no longer hungry. Argh.


Anonymous said...

You must be one of those people that work for another cafe or DINER downtown and are jealous of Blu LA Cafe and trying to take away from their success. You can't take away from something that is already blessed. You are only placing negativity in your life. Blu is the hottest cafe downtown and they never serve bad food. Everything is fresh and their service is great. Once in a while it might take a little longer to get your food like any restaurant, but the cafe is nice. I eat there at least four times a week and I have never had any bad food. Their food is great!

. said...

Right, and you must work for Blu LA Cafe. LOL...

I don't work in catering or anything related at all. I am only a food blogger. I say whatever I see. Go fuck yourself loser. If you can't take criticism, don't fucking open a restaurant, you trash-serving loser.

Anonymous said...

I live across the street from this spot. At one tim eit was a good place to eat. The servic has gonew way down and the food quality is poor to fair depending on what day you go. I have had enough of it. I no longer eat at the blu its not worth the risk. I have been served raw bacon a rancid hamburger that i couldnt even swallow a bite of and a deleivery person once walked into my home with out knocking. The food blogger here is telling it lik eit is. Once a great jewel in LA that has turned to profit at all costs. They reduced every single element of quality and service possible. There is no reason to have a meal there anymore.

Yantram said...

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