Friday, October 16, 2009

10 things FOBs like

Hey guys, I know I'm such a celebrity in Downtown and you guys are probably dying to read my new blog entry after a brief disappearance. Well, the reason why I'd been busy for a while is because as some of you who have followed my blog for a while might know, I really am a celebrity in reality. I had a concert and was in and out of rehearsals for a few months. That's why. What kind of show was that? Well, it's a FOB show. What's FOB? Hm? Friends of Bert Green? No no... Well, if you drive to the East on the 10 Freeway, pass Downtown, pass City Terrace and enter San Gabriel Valley, you'll know what FOB is. It's about 15 minutes from our home which a lot of insular Western people who stop themselves at the boundary of the 110 Freeway never get to experience in their whole lives. A lot of them consider themselves cosmopolitan just because they live in L.A. but they have no idea about the world just 15 minutes away from home.

What did I do in the show? Well, the FOBs taught me to sing and dance to FOB music. I had a great time to get in touch with "my root". Here is a list of things you can imagine what a stereotypical FOB likes:

1) Bludgeoning little kids into playing classical music, usually piano or violin
2) Business names like “Nobel”, “Embassy”, “Forbes” and “Oxford”
3) Make peace sign with their fingers in front of the camera
4) Taking photographs incessantly, anywhere, in any circumstances, at any time, of anything
5) Instead of :-) their smiley is like this: ^_^ or this: ^^
6) (female FOBs only) Still dressing and acting like a “Princess” after the age of 16 on other days beside Halloween
7) 100% fresh orange juice with pulp
8) No shoes / sandals at home
9) Socially acceptable fat/appearance jokes about other Asian women
10) Eating chicken wing cartilage

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