Monday, January 18, 2010

Downtown Chick lost her pajamas in Florida

So, your favorite, the coolest L.A. blogger, namely the Downtown Chick, found a job in an animal hospital company. For some reason, they sent me to this veterinary conference in Orlando, Florida, and put me in World Center Marriott. Do you know how much it costs to eat cereal for breakfast near Disneyland? Seventeen US dollars. Correct, I'm not talkin' about yen, darling. US dollars to be exact.

Actually the room rate isn't that bad. It's about $200 per night if you don't order anything. But the resort is bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbig. You can play golf in it. Yes, you can. It must be the highest-end hotel I have stayed in, and I don't know the beautiful hotel's laundry etiquette. I lost my pajamas!

How did I lose my pajamas in Disney Marriott? Well? I don't remember exactly where I put them. I think the phone rang, I procrastinated, then looked at the alarm clock, got up, undressed and took a quick shower. Now, where did I throw the pajamas to? I have no idea. The hangover had not been washed off until the hot shower commenced.

I actually spilt something on a white shirt and I didn't know how to put it as laundry but apparently the janitor, or someone, had a bigger problem with my pajamas than my shirt and removed them from my room. Tonight, I went to the outlet two mile away to get a pair of Aerosoles shoes because of the intolerable pain induced by continuous standing at my company's booth. Then I came back to the hotel and was about to cut off my feet. I sank myself in a tub of hot water and what not, then boom, my ethnic pajamas were gone when they're supposed to be on my body!

Why are they ethnic? Because I actually bought them when I was in college, for about HKD$19, which equals to about two bucks US, in Hong Kong. I love them. I've been wearing them for over ten years. They remember part of my past. They are made of thick cotten and look very Maoist. If I wear them and hold a big mug, you will think I'm a communist. Now, my intimate pajamas are on the hands of a Disney related corporation? Do you know how I feel? It's like you invade Iraq and Afgan. I don't like American consumerism. I like cereal, and very rarely, big resort, and extremely rarely, people playing golf, and almost impossibly, kids, but it's just wrong to take my pajamas away, or invade somewhere you have no idea what their life is all about. Stop it, Micky Mouse, or America. You are very fucking annoying.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My unfaithful crush

Met this American Apparel dog in his little American Apparel shirt. I can't forget him.