Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A little subjectivity seen on Bravo’s reality show Millionaire Matchmaker

I have a mixed feeling about Patti Stanger so I feel compelled to blog about her. Yes, the fems, I get that gold digging is bullshit but I mean, when, in women’s history, has there been a time a successful matchmaker, with a look completely behind society’s expectation, giving advices to single women how to look attractive and score a powerful man? Regardless of what she advises, I must give some credit to the invincible attitude she proposes. She takes criticism against her appearance like presses a cigarette butt against an ash tray. To subject a woman to society’s expectation of how attractive she must look is as bad as to smoke. So what do you do with something so bad? You smoke a cigarette, put it off and move on, if you haven’t quit smoking yet. It’s the same situation women face nowadays in patriachal society, isn’t it?

I know I shouldn’t honor gold digging as much as I shouldn’t for smoking. But we are allowed to look at the complex nature of patriarchy and unhealthy lifestyle, don’t we?

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