Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The new dumb blondes

Have you ever worked with some fat or ugly blonde women who would tell you that they are going to work really hard on certain things so that people know they can do them even though they are blonde? I believe these women's "ambition" is related to the common "dumb blonde" stereotype, right? What these women don't get is that the myth itself originated from the Marlene Dietrich (The Blue Angel) and Marilyn Monroe (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) heterosexist racist mainstream German/Hollywood narrative cinema tradition. The myth only refers to the hot blonde women, not all blonde women. If these women are non-hot, really, they don't have to worry about the stereotype as people will not cast the "pretty but dumb" doubt on them. They will just be blonde and unattractive, i.e., with equal opportunities as anyone else's. It's a good thing, if these ugly blondes are really sincere about their wish to succeed solely with their talent, right? Well, let's see. Next time, when you hear a non-hot blonde saying she just wants to do a good job although she's blonde, tell her my theory. See if she appreciates your reassurance or you get a slap in the face. Ahem.
But now I think about it, I can still reasonably call these fat and ugly blonde chicks literally "dumb blondes" although they are not in the the "old dumb blonde" category. They, ironically, do not understand the old category and become a "new dumb blonde" category themselves by unknowingly mis-quoting a cinematic tradition, right? Voila!
I can't believe I have just written this. Please forgive me. It is just very stressful to be near stupid people.