Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sorry but I don't like Asian societies very much

If you go onto some Internet forums local Asian people frequent in their own languages, you will see a lot of men bashing Asian women who go/have gone out with non-Asian men. They say these women are sluts because the common belief is that Asian men have the smallest genitals among men of all races. They hate these women because they think their pussies are/have been "stretched" by over-sized penes like old shoes worn by people with big feet. Seriously, I'm not kidding. That's the logic. The chance for women who have dated/married to non-Asian men before to be considered undamaged and respectful by local Asian men is next to impossible. Don't ask me why. This is way beyond "women are like objects" because usually, objects are nondisposable. This is more like "women are like toilet paper." By definition, you can't reuse a piece of toilet paper, right? That's the way toilet paper works, right? You shit, wipe and dump and flush. Even my mom thinks like that.

And I have divorced a white man in my 20s.