Thursday, January 19, 2012

Got this brand new for less than $26 total on ebay

Oh geez. I don't care it's the douchette brand Juicy. I just know it's runway quality. Too excited now. Oh my goodness. Look at the professor elbow. With my nerdy eyeglasses, skinny flare dark jeans and stilettos, I'm ready to rock.

Really, really upset in grad school these days. Doing everything I can to make myself happy elsewhere.

A fob of a FOB

Know what this is? It's a purse fob you hang on a FOB's Juicy purse.

Sorry, this blog is written truly for the purpose of exploring the limit of stupidity against Einstein's hypothesis. I'm very fucking pissed off by my seemingly smart and intellectual but actually stupid cohorts I study with everyday in grad school. I need a place to show how stupid I can be too.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I like the seam on the pocket

I used to buy discount menswear on ebay to doll up my metrosexual boyfriend. But he never wears it. I hate him doing that. He turned non-metrosexual after he had started sleeping with me a few years ago. I need a male mannequin. I wish I could just buy a man who runs around like a schnauzer puppy from the pet shop.

Friday, January 13, 2012

#2 readings

You know you are an intellectual if what's in your bathroom's reading material pile are not magazines or catalogs but your field's most important organization journals featuring the latest research, publications and whatnot. Yes, okay, I read them when I do that. I don't have time to read them at any other times. Throw stones at me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh one more thing about being a grad student up to no good

Any benefits to be an intellectual and to make less than $1,400 a month (before tax!) just so you can work with the less-than-1% smartest population in the world everyday? Missing my days to be able to afford a $400 jacket like this.

I think I'm a "closet drag," meaning people don't know I play different roles in my clothes. The source of these performances is exactly my closet: I have Lolita clothes, 1960s clothes, 1970s clothes, 1980s clothes, band t-shirts, bandage everything, slutty cleavage-showing tops, cut-out Gaga dresses and boring career woman clothes. My true personality is mostly the smoky-eyes black motorcycle bomber chick type but I haven't shown that for a long time. My problem is, I can only wear the boring things everyday now. When I wore 5" platform heels on a day of no class, the cohorts who saw me on campus already ask what was going on. They are the California types. I miss Asia or New York, where people actually wear clothes but not essentially uniforms to work.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is what my task list looks like

Any idea how many fucking things the 1st and 2nd year Ph.D. students have to do? Coursework, conference, publications, quals, endless writing and re-writing of your own stuff until you hate it so much that you don't want to look at it again, ever.

This is what my task list looks like:

Paper #1: lots of rewriting and more research
Paper #2: less rewriting
Paper #3: lots of editions
Presentation #1: cutting 8 pages from an existing paper
Abstract #1: have not started
Abstract #2: have not started
Abstract #3: have not started
Abstract #4: have not started
Abstract #5: have not started
Abstract #6: have not started
Abstract #7: have not started
Abstract #8: have not started
Abstract #9: have not started

I'm so under the gun that I just want to eat ten bags of peanuts or twenty cream puffs. OMFG. Maybe I'm in the wrong business.