Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh one more thing about being a grad student up to no good

Any benefits to be an intellectual and to make less than $1,400 a month (before tax!) just so you can work with the less-than-1% smartest population in the world everyday? Missing my days to be able to afford a $400 jacket like this.

I think I'm a "closet drag," meaning people don't know I play different roles in my clothes. The source of these performances is exactly my closet: I have Lolita clothes, 1960s clothes, 1970s clothes, 1980s clothes, band t-shirts, bandage everything, slutty cleavage-showing tops, cut-out Gaga dresses and boring career woman clothes. My true personality is mostly the smoky-eyes black motorcycle bomber chick type but I haven't shown that for a long time. My problem is, I can only wear the boring things everyday now. When I wore 5" platform heels on a day of no class, the cohorts who saw me on campus already ask what was going on. They are the California types. I miss Asia or New York, where people actually wear clothes but not essentially uniforms to work.

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