Monday, September 10, 2012

Fuck Carrie Bradshaw

If you love the movie The Way We Were, you should join me to hate at least the character Carrie Bradshaw, if not also Sex and the City, the screenwriter and HBO. The often discussed reference of The Way We Were in Sex and the City happens when Carrie thinks her dream guy Mr Big dumps her and marries a stupid fashion model because she is a complicated woman, just like Hubbell dumps Katie and marries an airhead in The Way We Were. This really pisses me off because this is the biggest bourgeois joke one can possibly make of a socially considered unattractive Marxist Jewish woman waiting table and working in a radio station for different causes she believes in.

Seriously, are you kidding me? This 1990s shallow, gold-digging Jewish-American princess Carrie who buys $400-a-pair-of shoes has the nerve to compare herself with Katie, a 1940s idealistic Jewish communist activist when a jock dumps her?! This gotta be a joke. It is the biggest insult against all grassroot minority female intellectuals who sacrifice a comfortable lifestyle for their beliefs, including your favorite blogger Downtown Chick. When these airheaded city sluts are sipping their $20 cosmopolitan cocktail and having $70 dinner in New York, idealizing their hardship with men as ours, do they have the slightest thought how we get by with $90 for all groceries a month? That's their one night's expense, before tips. If you can't be poor, just don't claim our poor women's romance hardship, because you can never feel as bad with lack of both money and men if you have money, bitch.

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