Monday, February 25, 2013

Man, life is hard

Baby, I love you, so much...
Hello the world,

Are you trying to kill me by killing her? Lil Biatch has just weighed 6 pounds, had a stroke and caught a pneumonia. A stroke? Are you serious?!  She's only a child. How can you give an innocent child a stroke?! A chick from Downtown after a German-Hong-Kong-Chinese-American Mini-schnauzer, huh? You are so cruel.

Sincerely yours,
Downtown Chick

P.S. Does anybody know what has happened to Walter (Scribeskidrow)? He stopped blogging in 2010. We used to encourage each other, and I used to run into his friend, who told me he thought of me as somebody, um, maybe "worthwhile?"
I hope he is doing well outside of the Row if he left all behind because he found a good life outside.

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