Friday, June 7, 2013

What good does it do to be smart? Two funded advanced degrees but...

I lost my child over a month ago, but I did not have time to react to it until now, because I had to do my stupid exam and whatever. I would have dropped everything if it wasn’t for my advisor: I had already done it once to him before; I can’t do it again. There’s some shit you can’t do twice to the same person, or you’ll be a complete jerk. This is how it is in the ivory tower: food stamp level poverty, no grievance upon your own child's death, complete insult by your superior for your ignorance about something you consider yourself an expert in..., I can go on.

I'm really wondering this is for real. It can't be this bad just to be a traditional intellectual, can it? Is it just a nightmare? Somebody please wake me!

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