Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Third dream

Dad cheated on Mom (not sure if that's the first time) , and she decided to divorce him. She told me she made a new boyfriend, who's a black African guy. I was a little worried, because there have been some cases of scam by African criminals where she lives. She said she felt good about him because she was ill,  and he came up to sit with her keeping her company. I then told her to arrange a meeting with us all together. He came. I freaked out. I pretended to do my homework while they were hanging out. I could see Mom happy with him, though I posted on the suicide forum I frequent that I didn't know how to handle the situation.

The Second dream

The cops thought I killed someone. They found some evidence all against my advantage. They showed me a bent beige car and asked how it got like that. I said I didn't know; I didn't do it, but they just thought it was me. I was contemplating to flee.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The First Dream

I never deny I'm crazy, but if you ask me to name at least one person crazier than I, I can tell you it is my shrink. You know all these Freud-looking psychology therapy guys obsessed with analyzing dreams? Whenever you mention anything about dreaming, nightmare, etc., holy shit, from their own daydreaming, like a bored puppy spotting a squirrel, they suddenly wake up in their doctor's chair, pull out a writing pad, and make notes incessantly like a mad man. Do you know how that feels when I have also read The Standard Edition of the Complete Works of Sigmund Freud myself? Man, I can't stand my shrink. Here, as a veteran literate psychotic, I'm donating my pathological dreams to the world of Freudism.

I was operating a giant ship-like prop for movie. I’m supposed to drive it straight remotely, but I don’t know what I have done. The next moment I look at it, it has already sunk. There’s no one in it; no one dies because of me. But I have made a big boo boo. Shit!

Oh and speaking of Freud, you know you're always asked what your name is when you order coffee at Starbucks, right? What if your name is like Saoirse, Quvenzhané, or Sinead? You're fucked. Those guys won't let you go. They'd keep asking, "what sha," "cool fan what," "shin what..."? That's why I always call myself Dora when I buy coffee. All Freud readers know that Dora is "someone who could not keep her own name." If the coffee guys still don't how to spell Dora, well, she's also a cartoon character of a chubby Mexican girl, who owns a pink-faced pet monkey.

Monday, May 11, 2015

May I never support the egg industry again for the rest of my life

May I never touch chicken and eggs again for the rest of my life

This outrageous footage shows a common method of killing millions of chickens every year: destroying them using foam that blocks their respiratory tracts and suffocates these poor creatures to death.This video, courtesy of Anonymous for Animals Rights ( Animal Rights in Israel ), shows chickens trying desperately to escape the foam. When the foam covers them, they still battle, trying to jump above it, but they stand no chance.השמדת תרנגולות באמצעות חנק בקצף - ישראל 2014. תיעוד של אנונימוס לזכויות בעלי-חיים חושף את שיטת ההשמדה של מיליוני תרנגולים בשנה: חיסול באמצעות קצף שחוסם את דרכי הנשימה של התרנגולים האומללים וחונק אותם למוות.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Do not show anything you own, because the Chinese might claim it

You know what's on the news in China these days? That bat-crazy rumor that someone "stole" their Buddha statue and exhibited it in the Drents Museum in the Netherlands. When did they start saying that? After the Dutch scientists in the Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort had discovered how precious the statue is, that there is a mummified Chinese monk, Liquan, in it!

Here's the skeleton the Dutch discovered:

Soon after this story went viral, the Chinese had an eye on it, and claimed this statue was stolen from a temple in the Yangchun Village in its Fujian Province. It started hyping this rumor with its propaganda machine by showing its people the lower half of the following pictures. As anyone can clearly see, the upper pictures, which are the real pictures of the statues, look totally different. the shape of the eyes, nose, and lips are all different. But the Chinese media Photoshopped the statue in China to make it kind of impossible to do a clear comparison in order to find an excuse to "redeem" the statue from the Dutch. Crazy, right?

If you buy too many cheap useless things from an industrial giant, it can turn into a monster and swallow you. The solution really is not take take advantage of the sale and stop buying useless things made in China. Why do Western people buy so many cheap clothes and shoes made in China really? That's why I don't go shopping.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

On the recent shooting of the homeless man in Downtown by LAPD

I happened to be lucky enough to have residence in the places with the most police brutality in the world.

As a Buddhist, I have no idea how you can respond to violence with peace but also without being slashed. I don't think it's possible. But I do believe if you respond to violence with violence, nothing good can come out of it. My way of dealing with violence is to practice Buddhism, but I understand most people do not have the chance or potential for that.

One thing not just abstract but totally practical is that even if I am going to be murdered here, I still may not call LAPD, cuz that may mean I die even sooner.