Sunday, August 28, 2016

Traits of Maternal Narcissism

Been looking to decorate the bathroom. Maybe I should frame this picture and look at it when I take a dump. So good. As what every crazy chick has, my mother is a cunt.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fw: H-Urban: L.A. Metro Studies Group 2016-2017 Schedule

by Ian Baldwin
Dear colleagues and friends,
We are pleased to announce the L.A. History & Metro Studies Group program for the 2016-17 academic year. Please see our schedule below and we hope to see you at one of our events!
Kathleen Feeley, Ian Baldwin, Becky Nicolaides, Andrea Thabet, and Caitlin Parker
LA History & Metro Studies Group coordinators for 2016-17
LA History & Metro Studies Group
2016-17 Schedule
Sun August 21, 2016, 4-6 p.m. – Happy Hour Kick Off 
            Arts District Brewing, 828 Traction Ave., Los Angeles   213.817.5321
September 16, 2016 – panel discussion  (Seaver 1-2)
"The People's Guide Series: Narrating New Histories of Place"
Laura Pulido, Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, USC (co-author People's Guide to Los Angeles, co-editor People's Guide book series)
Elaine Lewinnek, Professor of American Studies, Cal State Fullerton (co-author People's Guide to Orange County)
October 28, 2016 – pre-circulated paper  (Seaver 1-2)
            "Test Case for the Total Environment: Data, Democracy, and Regional Planning in Santa Barbara, c. 1970"
                        Pollyanna Rhee, doctoral candidate, Columbia University Graduate School of                               Architecture, Planning and Preservation
December 2, 2016 – panel discussion (Seaver 1-2) 
            "Bringing Archives to the People"
            Roundtable panel on how historians, archivists, and practitioners make archival documents visible to a wider public
                        Nathan Masters, USC Libraries; Lost LA, KCET
                        Liza Posas, LA as Subject Coordinator, USC Libraries; Head Archivist, Autry National                Center
                        Josh Kun, Associate Professor of Communication, Annenberg School, USC
                        Yusef Omowale, Director, Southern California Library for Social Studies
                        Jennifer Watts, Curator of Photography, The Huntington Library
January 24, 2017 – pre-circulated paper (Autry National Center)
            ** Tuesday 6:30 p.m., Autry National Center - Joint session with Works in Progress, Autry.
"Seeing West Mountain: California Indian Histories of California during the Great Depression"
            William Bauer, Department of History, UNLV
February 10, 2017 – panel discussion (Seaver 1-2)
            "Gentrification and Smart Growth in Southern California: Trends and Challenges"
                        James Bonar, former Executive Director, Clifford Beers Housing
                        Hillary Jenks, Graduate Writing Coordinator, UC Riverside
                        James Rojas, urban planner and community activist
March 10, 2017 -- pre-circulated paper (Seaver 1-2)
            "Policing Race and Transiency in Early Seattle" 
                        Megan Asaka, Assistant Professor of History, UC Riverside
April 14, 2017 – Clark Davis Memorial Lecture (Seaver 1-2)
"From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime: The Making of Mass Incarceration in America"
Elizabeth Hinton, Assistant Professor of History and of African and African American Studies, Harvard University
*          *          *
All sessions will begin at 10:30 am in the Seaver Classrooms in the Munger Research Center, Huntington Library, unless otherwise noted.  Please check e-announcements for exact location of sessions.  Parking is free.  Workshops will begin at 10:30, and lunch will be served at noon for attendees who RSVP before the posted deadline.
            For seminars with a pre-circulated paper, the paper will be made available approximately 2 weeks prior to the seminar (we are unable to distribute papers earlier than this).  At that time, you can access the paper via a link posted on the ICW website at The link will also be circulated in the email announcement for each session.  We request that participants read the papers if attending. 
            If you would like to receive announcements for these sessions, please fill out the form at
            For more information, email the co-coordinators—Ian Baldwin, Kathy Feeley, Caitlin Parker, Andrea Thabet, and Becky Nicolaides—at
The LA History & Metro Studies Group is generously sponsored by
the Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West (ICW)

Monday, August 15, 2016

How do you steal things legally?

As Bob Dylon's lyrics go, "to live outside the law you must be honest." Have you ever thought about legally stealing things. Wait, what? Legally steal? Yeah, there's such a thing. Here it is. My heroines they are. Best dumpster dive channel ever!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Anorexic Instagram friends and white male colleagues

I mean, "friends." We dm (direct-message) one another, but none of us has a name. We are "fragile.sofia," "," but not ourselves, because we're considered a threat to the heavier population. We remind them of their overweightness/obesity. My friends and I are a worldwide network of bony girls. Sometimes we post photos of our bodies, but none of us posts those with our faces on. Of course, it is because we don't want the bullies/fat chicks to report us as promoting self-harm on Instagram, and out us in real life. But we're actually mostly very nice girls. We never call one another fat, and we always encourage one another. Most of us are outpatient anorexics. If you keyword-search "#anorexic," on Instagram, you'll first be asked if you want to see graphic contents, then you'll see our posts. Most of them are about food, because that's all we think of. When you're starving yourself all day, all you can think of is food, so it's very disturbing. You can't concentrate on school or boys, but think of food all day.

So, I actually hate my job, because I always gain weight after the quarter starts. Being an academic makes me fat, because there's so much work, and I just want chicken wings and red wine after school. I also hate my fiance, cuz he never appreciates a lighter weight of mine, but always says I'm crazy to think I'm fat. What all these nasty things and beings don't know is that, when I look better in some quarters, putting the newest trendiest makeup on carefully for at least an hour as well as wearing cool sexy cloths, I get better evaluations from my students. I know other Caucasian male teachers are just gonna say I don't know how to teach, but they don't know all the added cultural racial gender stereotypes on me by this country's extremely cultural-racially-gender-biased college students that they don't have. If you're a white man and you're nice, the students think you're nice, but if you're a supposedly nice race and sex and you're nice, they take advantage of you, because how dare you be not nice? Even my British friends get nasty evaluations from their students for having an English accent, while they grew up in London! Americans think only American English is English, and only American natives are worth their existence in the world. It is the most hypocritical place. I have a much better CV than my white male colleagues, but they are more liked by the bosses and students than I am, because they only have to do the standard to get the jobs, while we have to run extra miles and still don't get that.