Sunday, January 24, 2016

Anorexic Instagram friends and white male colleagues

I mean, "friends." We dm (direct-message) one another, but none of us has a name. We are "fragile.sofia," "," but not ourselves, because we're considered a threat to the heavier population. We remind them of their overweightness/obesity. My friends and I are a worldwide network of bony girls. Sometimes we post photos of our bodies, but none of us posts those with our faces on. Of course, it is because we don't want the bullies/fat chicks to report us as promoting self-harm on Instagram, and out us in real life. But we're actually mostly very nice girls. We never call one another fat, and we always encourage one another. Most of us are outpatient anorexics. If you keyword-search "#anorexic," on Instagram, you'll first be asked if you want to see graphic contents, then you'll see our posts. Most of them are about food, because that's all we think of. When you're starving yourself all day, all you can think of is food, so it's very disturbing. You can't concentrate on school or boys, but think of food all day.

So, I actually hate my job, because I always gain weight after the quarter starts. Being an academic makes me fat, because there's so much work, and I just want chicken wings and red wine after school. I also hate my fiance, cuz he never appreciates a lighter weight of mine, but always says I'm crazy to think I'm fat. What all these nasty things and beings don't know is that, when I look better in some quarters, putting the newest trendiest makeup on carefully for at least an hour as well as wearing cool sexy cloths, I get better evaluations from my students. I know other Caucasian male teachers are just gonna say I don't know how to teach, but they don't know all the added cultural racial gender stereotypes on me by this country's extremely cultural-racially-gender-biased college students that they don't have. If you're a white man and you're nice, the students think you're nice, but if you're a supposedly nice race and sex and you're nice, they take advantage of you, because how dare you be not nice? Even my British friends get nasty evaluations from their students for having an English accent, while they grew up in London! Americans think only American English is English, and only American natives are worth their existence in the world. It is the most hypocritical place. I have a much better CV than my white male colleagues, but they are more liked by the bosses and students than I am, because they only have to do the standard to get the jobs, while we have to run extra miles and still don't get that.