Sunday, June 11, 2017

The cognitive dissonance of the progressive Nazis

Have you all heard some marginalized groups, trans, blacks, etc., saying that no one but them can talk about them, like the first comment in the screen shot (full story here: This kind of argument first comes from the canonical literature narrating the marginalized, like all the colonialist literature, or white people portraying black people in classical Hollywood or so. But then nowadays, this argument has gotten so culturally appropriated for anyone to silence others. Why the fuck do these marginalized trans people keep claiming they are underrepresented, if they don't want others to address them? So, these people don't want others to acknowledge them, but they want more representation? Hey, here's a name for their illness: cognitive dissonance.

Just so you know, not only not a conservative, Downtown Chick is not a Radical Feminist (radfem) either. I'm not a baby boomer. I don't think prostitution is a social problem at all. I like porn. What I don't like are bullies and hypocrites. I just sincerely hope all these progressive Nazis can go fuck themselves.

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